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Watch all your repos

Keep yourself up to date with what's happening in GitHub organizations.

Boosting Travis CI: Python and Buildout caching

Read how to speedup buildout based TravisCI builds, in our case down from 15min to 3min.

Speedup "RelStorage with memcached" done right

There are some options if using RelStorage with memcached - read how to do it right (iow: fast).

Fun with Browserlayers in Diazo-Themed Plone Sites

Activate an Browserlayer in Diazo Themed Only

Plone: traverse_subpath for BrowserViews: @@view/some/more/path

Zope BrowserView: parameter-like subpaths

How to migrate non-folderish to folderish Archetypes based content types

Recently I had to migrate content from an ATEvent based content type to a collective.folderishtypes and based content type with folderish behavior. It turned out, this was quite easy!

AGX 1.0 alpha1 released

AGX, designated successor of the old ArchGenXML code generator for Plone/Archetypes has just been released

Bernina Zürich - Neuer Webshop online

Neu entwickelte Shop-Infrastruktur für Plone

Neue Homepage für die HTU Graz

Die Hochschülerinnen- und Hochschülerschaft and der TU Graz hat einen neuen Webauftritt

This was the Buschenschanksprint 2012!

The Buschenschanksprint 2012 in Berghausen/Graßnitzberg is over and it was big fun and a inspiring time! Altogether we were 7 participants. Although not all attended all the time, we kept us quite busy doing things. A lot of tasks were done, many discussions held and we all enjoyed the beauty of South Styria.

German Plone Konferenz Munich 2012

From 2012-02-22 to 2012-02-24

Edit Theme Switcher for

How to switch off for editing.

IT Day Tirol 2011

Klein & Partner auf dem IT Day Tirol 2011

BDA goes GSOC 2011

BlueDynamics Alliance mentors two Google Summer of Code projects for the Plone Foundation.

artSprint ]a[ 2010

Announcement: artSprint at the ]a[ academy of fine arts, Vienna, Austria, Europe, 31.1.-4.2.2011

Debugging Unauthorized and turn off redirect

Turn off redirect in Plone 3/4 on Unauthorized Errors

Plone, Semantics and Python, IKS FISE at Plone Conference 2010

I already wrote a general summary of the Plone Conference 2010 in Bristol. This is the special edition for those interested in Plone and Semantics or in Python and IKS FISE.

Plone Conference 2010 - a retrospect

Plone Conference 2010 is over and back home a small retrospect from my point of view.

Minimal Plone4 Buildout

Plone4 is out and it's better, faster and leaner than ever! Thanks to buildout, the installation is also very easy and just a few lines of buildout configuration are needed.