This was the Buschenschank Sprint 2013!

It was the fourth time in a row that I organized the BlueDynamics Alliance Buschenschank Sprint.  While first visitors came on Tuesday, the core time was from Wednesday, 18th to Sunday 22nd September 2013. The attendees came from four nations: Austria, Slovenia, Switzerland and Germany.


The Buschenschank Sprinters! © Julian Handl.

That's us (from left to right, Github usernames in brackets): Johannes Raggam (thet), Philipp Auersperg (zworkb), Domen Kožar (iElectric), Roland Fasching (faro), Andraz Brodnik (brodul), Peter Holzer (agitator), Jure Cerjak (jcerjak), Georg Bernhard (gogobd), Peter Lamut (plamut), Christoph Scheid (AnneGilles), Matthias Frey (zm0), Robert Niederreiter (rnixx) and Julian Handl.

We worked on several topics and this was roughly the outcome:

  • jquery.recurrenceinput.js integration into mockup. Peter Lamut and I worked on this topic. The powerful recurrence widget is used in to define recurrence rules.  There is a pending pull-request waiting to be accepted. Probably jquery.recurrenceinput.js needs to be updated before acceptance to get rid of the jQuery Tools dependency and use instead what mockup already offers. This was probably the biggest task in using for form fields. 
  • Use in Peter Holzer and I worked on the integration of mockup's datetime widgets in and started "buschenschanksprint" branches in and With our changes, the datetime picker is used, but more work needs to be done to finish the integration. There are some issues left, like resolving timezone issues after saving where timezone naive datetimes are compared with timezone aware ones in z3c.form. The current widget plone.formwidget.datetime solves it that way, that it also submits timezone information which is then used to convert the values to timezone aware datetime objects. However, this topic needs more investigation but it was a good start and proof-of-concept.
  • Robert Niederreiter, Georg Bernhard and Philipp Auersperg worked on AGX3, the successor of ArchGenXML. Georg worked together with Robert on the integration of his GoGoParser in node (the Python node...) while Philipp and Christoph brought many AGX transformators forward. Now there is support for SQLAlchemy with relations and AssociationClasses as well as a generator for Pyramid and Dexterity. AGX3 is ready to become what ArchGenXML was for Archetypes: one of Plone's business-ready killer features. Only that it doesn't only serve Archetypes but any kind of target system, like Dexterity, LDAP nodes, Workflows or plain Python files. 
  • Robert Niederreiter, Jure Cerjak, Peter Holzer and I worked also on We discussed a roadmap, the overall architecture and started to integrate a test framework and unit tests for it's components. is already used in some big deployments. One nice thing is that it's able to mark any content item with a IBuyable interface and thus make it sellable within the shop.
  • Christoph Scheid worked on a software platform for managing intellectual property artefacts for the C3S, the cultural commons collecting society, which he is part of. The C3S is an alternative to the German GEMA and got recently a lot of media attention due to it's founding. 
  • Matthias Frey joined us for one day and experimented with Node.js and MongoDB.


Overall, this year's Buschenschank Sprint was again a happening of great work on quite a lot of different topics, lots of discussions, fun, good wine (from our host List Wein) and food on site and at the Buschenschank nearby (especially the chocolate cake!). The goal is to bring people together and let them do their stuff while providing a relaxing atmosphere.



At the Buschenschank. © Julian Handl.


Sprinting. © Julian Handl.