A Plone 4.3 latest Minimal Buildout that just works.

Garzweiler IIOften people (mostly Gogo) are running into massive problems with Plone buildouts. Problem is here not Plone, but setuptools: it was forked into distribute and setuptools, then the reunion of both, the further development. Future looks good for setuptools. But ghosts of the past are still hunting us.

So in short there are only a few things todo:

  • use Python 2.7, with virtualenv >=1.9.1 with parameter --no-setuptools
  • use a bootstrap.py fetching the latest setuptools (thx to Daniel Widerin for this).
  • pin zc.buildout to 2.2.1 and setuptools to 2.2

Complete Example Gist

buildout.cfg looks like so:

extends = http://dist.plone.org/release/4.3-latest/versions.cfg
find-links +=
parts = instance

zc.buildout = >= 2.2.1
setuptools = >= 2.2

recipe = plone.recipe.zope2instance
http-address = 8080
user = admin:admin
eggs =

So, make a new directory, copy both file into and cd into it.

Then check your virtualenv --version to be >=1.9.1


virtualenv --no-setuptools .
./bin/python bootstrap.py

Now run Plone

./bin/instance fg

I hope it helps. And if it now still doesnt work: Other People may feel worst.

PS.: I just found Hannes has minimalplone4 in collective targeting the same problem

Foto by fb.foto at flickr under CC by-nc-sa License