Watch all your repos

Keep yourself up to date with what's happening in GitHub organizations.
Watch all your repos

I once mass-unwatched all the GitHub repositories in the github/plone and -collective organizations. Too much noise. But I changed my mind and want to be kept up to date about issues, pull requests and new repositories. But clicking through 292+ repositories from github/plone or 1398+ repositories from github/collective is just too much.

To get help with that I created a small script:

If you want it too, download it and make sure, your Python interpreter (virtualenv) has the requests library available.

Use it like so:


You might need more than one run - GitHub has an API request limit set. Repositories which were successfully set to watching are stored in a file. They don't need to be reset for the next run, which saves GitHub API requests.

If you want to set it to unwatch, use GitHub watching page. This script doesn't handle unwatching, although that would be a small enhancement. Of course I'm open for contributions!